Eye Shutter

Diane Hougen's Photography


Why Eye Shutter?

With Eye Shutter you are hiring a person to capture moments in your life to look back on for the rest of you life. Diane captures your treasured moments, in silent shutter click after click, unobtrusively following your events as they unfold in order to give you memories that will last a lifetime.  With today's digital technologies, Diane can place your photos in beautiful digital framework, or still them in immaculate imagery for classic viewing.  With the affordability, versatility and completeness of Eye Shutter, you can relax and rely on Diane to make sure you have everyone in your pictures.  Diane is committed to understanding you, to giving you balance and beauty, to taking you to settings that enhance who you are.  For portraits, you will be interviewed, color schemes and outfitting will be discussed, locations will be discussed, appointments that will work with your schedule will be arranged.  After the shoot, the photos will be reviewed with you.  Electronic photo bouquets will be designed with you; still photos will be chosen in framing and sizing that you determine appropriate.  When you wish for enhancement of photos, or to customize them with your own personal style, Diane creatively works with you to make sure you are satisfied.  For a professional, affordable and dedicated photographer, contact Diane Hougen today.